Activities in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Wellington

Tzofim Tzabar, the program in Australia, Europe and North America for young leaders, is part of the Tzofim movement (scouting movement) in Israel. The activities of Tzofim Tzabar are held under the standards and the principles of the youth movement in Israel, including social and ethical activity. The activities are for youth in grades 3-12 and involve weekly activities every Sunday. Through the year, various activities are held aside from the weekly activities such as camps, trips, ceremonies, holiday activities and more.

Tzofim Tzabar strives to create a meaningful connection to the state of Israel, serve as the Israeli communal centre, create an educational setting for the older members of the branches (Shichva Bogeret) to deal with the questions of returning to Israel and strengthen the connection between the Israeli and Jewish communities all over the world.

With 25 branches in North America, west Europe, the former Union Soviet and Australia, Tzofim Tzabar reaching over 5,500 participants. Tzofim Tzabar activities prepare participants to deal with the complex balance of their three valuable identities: Jewish, Israeli and Australian.

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