Activities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Netzer Australia is a Progressive, Zionist Youth Movement, which aims to inspire and educate the youth of our community. Netzer Australia is a nonprofit organization run by skilled volunteer youth leaders (madrichim) of university age who have completed intensive leadership training and education. Netzer uses informal education to run a variety of activities that are both fun and intellectually challenging. Netzer aims to empower the youth and encourage them to be active participants of the Progressive community. Netzer is a world-wide movement which is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and has branches (sniffim) in twelve countries.
Netzer Australia has groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth who meet regularly as well as leaders in New Zealand and Adelaide. Melbourne: Meetings are held at Temple Beth Israel on Sunday afternoons
Sydney: Meetings are held both in the North and the East on Sunday afternoons

For more information about Netzer and its activities, please visit their website: