Activities in Melbourne and Sydney

Hineni is an Australian-born Jewish youth movement. The movement fosters a warm and dynamic culture of education, individuality and fun. Our movement is ideologically based on Modern-Orthodoxy, Political activism and Zionism.

Our approach to learning is a pluralist and open-minded one whilst being grounded in a traditional, Modern Orthodox atmosphere. Hineni is a place where young people from all backgrounds can come together to strengthen their Jewish identity.

In Sydney, the movement is affiliated with The Central Synagogue and this is where we run most of our events and activities. In Melbourne, Hineni is supported by and based at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation. Hineni also has a strong presence in Canberra, where we run events at the Canberra Jewish Community Centre.

We invite all Jewish youth to come to Hineni for a uniquely inclusive atmosphere, a critical understanding of the world around them, long lasting friendships and a sense of true self confidence.

Juniors: 3:30 – 5:30

Seniors: 5:30 – 7:30

For more information about Hineni and its activities, please visit their website: www.hineni.org.au