Activities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland
Betar is a worldwide Zionist Jewish youth movement. Betar Australia has independent Maozim in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, all of which unite for camps each year. In Betar, we strive to create a fun atmosphere for our chanichim, aiding in their social and personal development with high quality role models. We maintain a strong emphasis on core ethical values. Our activities instil a sense of Jewish identity through the unique Jewish community that Betar supports. We affirm all streams of Judaism, catering to all of them at our camps and functions. Furthermore, we teach our chanichim about the importance of Zionism as well as Israeli history, culture and contemporary politics. Betar has a keen focus on hasbarah and is active in Pro-Zionist events on university campuses and information sessions for the Jewish community.
Betar runs regular activities across all three states and we would love for you to get involved. Please click here for contact details of your local state representative.
For more information about Betar and its activities, please visit their website: