Zionism strong in Israel – Yom Hazikaron 2012

Caroline Glick draws positive conclusions here as to the strength of Zionism in Israel, and how post-Zionism is so 1990’s.  As an example she describes the atmosphere at the Memorial Service in Rabin Square this year.  Indeed it was a most moving event to witness; personal, sombre but uplifting to see the young people attentive and caring.  Perhaps the young men were thinking of their current or future time in the army,  and the women similarly so.  But there was a strong sense of unity that portends very well for Israel.

And it fit very well with the comments of someone I met who felt that the country was strongly pulling together – despite the various internal and external challenges.

Shortly after, I toured the Golan, and near Katzrin visited a very moving memorial to the IDF tank divisions that defended Israel on the Golan plains.  The Hativa Sheva (7th Armoured Brigade) memorial. This brigade is legendary for its defence of the Golan (and therefore, all of northern Israel) in the initial days of the 1973 war.  The ongoing fields of the Golan were vividly portrayed in the Gitai film Kippur

  For more about Katzrin and the area around it, see here  here and here

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