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A feature of the Arab popular revolt seems to be that the “insult de jour” is to call your opponent a Zionist – typified by Ghaddafi calling the Libyan rebels Zionists and the rebels in return calling Ghaddafi a Zionist… maybe they’re all closet Zionists!

So it’s great to read that a Ghaddafi spoof by Noy Alooshe, a 31 year old Israeli journalist, musician and Internet buff, has gone viral – over 800,000 views from all over the Arabian nights and beyond… see the article by Isabel Kirshner.

A true test of the success of the Arab popular uprisings will be whether their young entrepeneurs, feminists, academics, gays, liberally minded, will be open to all that Israel has to offer .. and be able to overcome the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic brainwashing they have been exposed to for so long. 

 Videos like this spoof, will surely help, as will the Latma pieces satirising Israel, the Arabs and Muslims, and above all the pompous bigoted leftists.  Once the tidal wave runs its course, and it still has other countries to reach, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, good will hopefully come of it .. with the aid of humour.

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