Zahal Disabled Veterans Organisation – a very worthy group

The ZDVO (Zahal Disabled Veterans Organisation) held a poignant and moving evening in Sydney on Sunday night to support the important work conducted by this group in Israel.  You can read more on their website.  including how to donate to them.   First, Maytal Wax gave an inspiring speech about how she had rebuilt her life after a suicide bombing badly injured her, and claimed the life of her brother Asaf.  Many operations later, and despite being wheelchair bound, Maytal paints, sculpts, takes part in a dance group, and is raising twins… all with a remarkable positive energy. 

Maytal attributed much of her recovery to the Beit Halochem activites funded by the ZDVO. 

The Sydney audience then saw the powerful movie “Seven Minutes in Heaven” a trailer of which is shown here.   The plot is described as “A young woman struggles to reconstruct her memory of the events immediately following the Jerusalem bus bombing that took the life of her boyfriend and left her back badly scarred. Part memory play ..”   It was a remarkable film, and made one feel all the more for the bravery and crucial role played by Israelis like Maytal Wax and those in the IDF who put their life on the line for Israel and the Jewish people.

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