Yoram Ettinger to speak in Australia

As stated on a previous posting, Yoram Ettinger will be speaking in Sydney on Tueday evening 11th May, and Melbourne on Wednesday evening 12th May, and should be well worth hearing.

Yoram Ettinger is a consultant on US-Israel relations, and formerly the Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel’s Embassy in Washington, DC,  and Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US.

He is the author of the Ettinger Report. In a recent article in the report, “Does Jerusalem Get It?” Ettinger examines Obama’s reducing popularity in the U.S. in particular among the U.S voters and Congressmen related to his approach to Israel.  In a March 19 talk in about Israel’s relationship with the U.S. here summarised by Jerome S. Kaufman,  Ettinger details the many ways the strong positive links between the 2 countries, beginning with this “He began his discussion by advising us that Israel’s relationship with the US did not begin with Israel’s founding and acceptance by the United Nations in 1948 nor did it begin with empathy for the Jews because of the horrors of the Holocaust. In fact, the earliest settlers to this country in the 17th century considered calling the land Canaan, thus commemorating the Hebrews entering the land of Canaan from the desert after their escape from Egyptian slavery. These settlers felt an affinity with the Hebrews because they themselves had escaped from various forms of political and religious slavery in Europe.

Our American founding fathers in 1776 were also well aware of the Jews, their 3000 year biblical history and their unparalleled contribution to Western civilization. The Hebrew leader, Moses’ statue, with his 10 commandment tablets, is found in prominent buildings all over Washington, DC. Moses presides in the central position looking down upon the Justices of the Supreme Court seeing to it that they administer proper justice. In the House of Representatives, Moses is the largest of 23 statues and the only one looking directly down upon the Speaker of the House.

Biblical Israel pervades the entire landscape of this country. There are more cities, bridges, rivers given Hebrew biblical names here than there are in the State of Israel! So-called leaders come and go but the basic fabric and understanding of Israel and its biblical origins always pervades the beliefs and value system of this country. This is the basis for the special US Israel relationship not some trumped up domestic issue of Israeli housing. Is it not bizarre and counterproductive for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to be concerned with 1600 Israeli housing units when their attention should rather be completely directed to Iran’s nuclear war heads, Russian and Chinese attempts at greater world dominance and our huge budget deficit due greatly to dependence upon Arab oil? “

Yoram in a consultant for the Ariel Centre for Policy Research.  This centre has a website with thought-provoking articles, including this one by Jay Shapiro entitled President Obama’s Middle East Advisors: An existential danger to Israel. Shapiro argues that Sadat chose peace with Israel, because he saw the Soviet Union to pose a greater threat to Egypt than Israel.  Now, he argues, some of the Sunni-run states see Iran as a greater threat than Israel.

Finally, here is Ettinger’s recent article regarding the U.S. Israel confrontation regarding the Ramat Shlomo housing announcement and Hillary Clinton’s aggressive response.

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