Yom Ha’Atzmaut Sameach

The remarkable achievements and successes of modern day Israel are indeed worthy of great celebration on this, its 63 anniversary. 

It is a tribute to the resilience and courage of Am Yisroel, and we  share in its pride.

The Isrealli Blog provides some up-to-date statistics, including:

“When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it was hardly filled with bustling metropolises. In fact, in 1948, there was only one city with more than 100,000 residents – Tel Aviv-Yafo. Today, there are 14 cities whose population are in the six figures, the largest in addition to Tel Aviv being Jerusalem, Haifa, Rishon LeZiyyon, Ashdod and Peta Tiqwa. While cities with less than a million might sound “small” compared to New York, LA, or London, remember, Israel is tiny. We’re talking the size of New Jersey. When it was founded, it numbered only 806,000 residents. Today, it boasts a population of 7,746,000.

In the six decades since its creation, Israel has certainly overcome its small size to be an invaluable contributor to the world, especially when it comes to science and technology. There is no country in the world that produces more scientists and engineers per capita, not to mention it’s the only country that entered the 21st century with a net gain in trees. Considering Israel was busy building cities all over the country, to have done it without destroying trees along the way is remarkable.

What about the people of Israel? Of our population of 7.7 million, about 75 percent are Jewish, with 20 percent being Arab Christians or Muslims.

Since Independence Day last year 178,000 babies were born, and 24,500 new immigrants arrived in Israel. The total population of Israel grew since the 62nd Independence Day by approximately 155,000 – a growth of 2.0 percent.”

Here is a wonderful column from Stand with Us / Elder of Ziyon entitled This is Zionism

and PM Netanyahu has a Yom Ha’Atzamaut greeting.

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