Yoga, Lunch and Bending Spoons at the Namal

The Namal – the old port of Tel Aviv – has undergone a makeover in the last years, which makes it a great place to be.  On the waters edge promenade, you can attend Ella Yoga with instructors of the high calibre of Orian Hillel,  who recently returned to Israel after several years teaching in Sydney. 

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After yoga, choose from the variety of cafes, each with a great view of the Mediterranean.  Attracted by the association with the Nimrod Fortress in the Golan,  the Nimrod cafe beckoned to us.  The food was excellent as was the Limonana (lemon and mint drink). 

The poignancy of the restaurant’s name is illustrated in the menu booklet, which contains a dedication to Nimrod Segev who was killed in action on the Second Lebanon War.  In a letter written by the late Nimrod to his wife on the day that he was called to reserve duties, Nimrod tells her how strange he felt taking the kids to the kindergarten in the morning, and warring on the evening of the very same day…. Nimrod stated that “I am a high-tech engineer from Ramat Gan that took his children to the kindergarten in the morning and combats the enemy in the evening of the same day, but, nevertheless, I do it willingly in order to maintain my peace of mind”.

After Nimrod was tragically killed, his wife Iris and brother Ehud established the Cafe Nimrod named in his memory.  To illustrate the  extent of the loss of someone like Nimrod, his brother Ehud is a multitalented person with a strong link to his brother.   Ehud is both a singer and a mentalist with flair.

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