Yitzchak Shamir – small in stature, giant for Israel

The recent death of former Israel PM Yitzchak Shamir, brings to the fore his achievements;  they include bringing the Ethiopian Jews to Israel,  exercising great restraint during the first Gulf War to not respond to the Saddam Hussein Scud Missile Attacks,  and attending the Madrid conference that initiated discussions with the Palestinians.

Besides PM, “Shamir also served as foreign minister, Knesset speaker and opposition head, and was an agent in the Mossad. He was among the leaders of the Stern Group (Lehi) in the Jewish underground in Mandatory Palestine.  On Friday, Netanyahu said Shamir “belonged to the generation of giants that established the State of Israel and fought for the freedom of the Jewish people in its land.”

An excellent video interview here with Leon Charney, and one when he was PM here where Shamir answers questions from US and Canadian Jewish leaders.

Articles about Shamir are here here here here

with an interview some some years ago with Daniel Pipes

His biography Summing Up is worth reading.

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