Women in Black and Green

Dr. Tova Benski, chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department at the College of Management in Rishon Lezion, has been studying women’s peace movements in Israel for almost 20 years. An article about her work was recently published in the Jerusalem Post entitled the right way to see the left

Benski proposes a relationship between women’s peace activism and experience as Holocaust survivors or children of survivors.   There was considerable interest in her ideas in the response section, including dissent, however clearly the topic is being discussed.

Women in Green have also played a strong activist role in Israel as expressed in this article about the 2 women groups.

The websites of the 2 organisations are shown here for Women in black and here for Women in green. The Women in green website includes a photograph by former Sydneysider Menachem Kuchar with a link to his impressive photograph collection.

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