Will it float?

It’s hard to predict what will happen with Gaza Flotilla II.  Will it float, will it not. The Turks seem to be giving it a miss, as they seem to be trying a few dance steps with Israel.

Alice Walker is one of the “personalities” who has been outspoken in the pro-Gaza camp, who is grabbing a guernsy for the flotilla.

Here is an interview with her showing how she thinks and speaks on the subject.  The interviewer probes her, hearing that both Israel and the U.S. are great terrorist states.  The commentators for the article point out Walker’s limitations… to paraphrase Sandy Gutman – where’s the flotilla to Syria – or don’t the Syrians count?

Phyllis Chesler discusses Alice Walker here.

Meanwhile, here’s a song for the “useful idiots” of flotilla II.

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