Why the obsession with Israel

An interesting piece in the Guardian recently from an Englishman, Robert Fowke, here sees him trying to analyze why HE is both obsessed with the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is urbanely anti-Israel.

The letter writers form the usual line-up of pro and anti, but the arguments used are worth reading, providing a perspective, indeed, into why the 421 or so letter writers are obsessed with the subject.

The subtitle of the article is “why do so many of us pick away at the conflict like it’s a giant scab”

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2 thoughts on “Why the obsession with Israel

  1. It is a shame that Fowke sees anything Israel says as a lie, and anything the Palestinians say as the truth. Perhaps he should start with that assumption, and wonder where it originated. I agree with the comment that he believes what he has been told to believe by the mass media. He is right to realise that someone is lying. It is really hard for ordinary people to believe they are being systematically lied to by the mass media. Mavi Mara people can’t be terrorists, because the British media and Palestinians are telling him they can’t be. The knives and bashings and ‘Allahu Akhbar’ are edited out. How the Moslem propagandists must be laughing. Their Takiya (strategy of deception) is working so well in the West.

  2. The real question is “why does the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ section pick away at the conflict day after day, demonising Israel day after day after day, giving space to antisemites to comment and removing pro-Israel posts or banning their writers altogether”.
    That article by the oh-so-seemingly-urbane Fowkes is disingenuous – many of his best friends are Jews … he regards them as just as English as he is … a religion only [I see what he’s heading, of course, so am not surprised when he expects them to behave in pukka fashion] … His blog is just a variation on the Guardian’s odious Israel-delegitimising agenda. For, predictably, he accepts the IHH narrative of events and paints Israel as the villain after all.
    Lucky that “CiF Watch” has the likes of him covered!