While the Japanese disaster continues

Other international news has taken a back seat to the unfolding tragedy of the triple Japanese whammy – earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear fallout.

However, the brutal killing of the Fogel family in Ithamar was a horrible reminder of the evil intent that Israel has to cope with, and a reminder of Israel’s need for security.  Some good analysis came from Robin Shepherd, Melanie Phillips and Daniel Greenfield who point to the evil of the killers and the Palestinian incitement, together with the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the Leftist, liberal elite.

Meanwhile the killing of Christians by Muslims in Egypt goes mainly unreported because that’s not part of the “narrative”

Col Ghadaffi has also taken advantage of the situation to retake much of Libya from the rebels, confident that the Western powers will do little to impede his path.  One good byproduct is that the rock was turned over on the London School of Economics and their links with Ghadaffi and overall hypocrisy. 

Another positive development was the massive rally by Lebanese in Beirut calling for the disarmament of Hezbollah.  One can only hope that Pres Obama will do more to support the protesters in Iran and more to prevent the Iranian march towards nuclear capacity.  For its defence, Israel will need to do more than wish or hope.

Locally, the intolerance and incompetence of the Marrickville Greens have hopefully exposed the NSW Greens agenda sufficiently that they won’t slip under the radar screen with their “tree hugging” election slogans.  Let’s see; green banana, green slime, green with envy or just plain green around the gills.

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