When the Palestine Post and Ben Yehuda Street were bombed

February 1948 was the month when Jewish civilians were targeted in 2 terrorist attacks – a bombing on February 1st at the Palestine Post, the leading Jewish newspaper, and forerunner of the Jerusalem Post;  and a second bombing on February 22nd in the central Ben Yehuda Street.

Alexander Zvielli relives this time through the eyes of Gershon Agron, the founder and first editor of the Palestine Post in this article.   A stirring Palestine Post editorial response was published on the following day, as reproduced here.

The Ben Yehuda Street bombing as described here claimed 54 lives and many more injured.  As described, “at about 6:30 in the morning, three men dressed as British soldiers and police drove to the corner of Ben Yehuda and Ben Hillel Streets. They passed through British and Jewish checkpoints with no problems, owing to their seeming British identity. One of these men was Azmi Djaoumi, a Palestinian Arab. The others were Eddie Brown and Peter Madison, British deserters. They were driving an armored car and two truck bombs loaded with explosives, prepared by SS-trained Fawzi el Kuttub, the master saboteur of the Arab Palestinians in Jerusalem. The bombings had been ordered by Abdel Khader El Husseini, who intended to terrorize the Jews into leaving Jerusalem.  Brown and Madison had previously carried out the Palestine Post bombing.  For the Ben Yehuda bombing, they were supposed to get a thousand pounds sterling from the Grand Mufti.”   

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