What really happened, sex through fraud?

Recently, mock outrage greeted the story that an Arab man had been convicted of sex by deception against a Jewish Israeli woman.  The “outrage” was of course directed at purported Jewish racism against an Arab.

But as Reuters Middle East Watch reports here, the complete information which includes the victims point of view, presents a different, more violent story.  The conviction was in fact a plea bargain for a lesser sentence, to avoid the distress of the abused victim to need to testify in court.  

Will we see any acknowledgement by Haaretz or Reuters (who promoted the story) of the victims side of the conflict, and not just the perpetrator?  .. and can these news services be at all trusted to inform the public?

While this story received much airplay,  500 rapes of Congolese women has occurred amid silence from the same mainstream papers and inaction from the U.N.

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