What do these 3 have in common: a superb foundation helping Israeli children with special needs; speaking out at the UN for victims of terror; and developing a novel hybrid car?

Arnold Roth is currently in Australia, visiting Melbourne and Sydney.  Those fortunate to hear him speak will learn more about 3 very important areas. 

Firstly, many will know of Arnold and his wife Frimet’s formation and championing of Keren Malki; an organisation devoted to assisting Israeli families of children with severe disabilities to care for their children at home.  Great success has been achieved through providing specialised equipment and services at no charge to the families.  The foundation honours the life and memory of Malki Roth, killed in a suicide terrorist bombing in Jerusalem at the age of 15.  The work, which is funded by private donations and very deserving of support, is highlighted in a video, entitled Malki’s Legacy, created in 2008 by Nir Alon. 

The main theme of Arnold Roth’s evening talk was to describe his recent experience as Israel’s representative at a conference at the UN devoted to victims of terrorism.  Continuing his international advocacy which we previously mentioned in the blog, Arnold spoke powerfully and personally, as seen on this video.  The experience also gave Arnold the opportunity to witness first hand the biases typified by the UN. The Keren Malki site also has a video of the entire proceedings, where victims of terror from other countries also spoke, including Ben Borgia from Sydney – whose mother and sister were killed in the Bali bombing (at the 1 hour 51 minute point of the video of the entire proceedings).

Switching gears, Arnold also finds time to be CEO of ETV motors, an Israeli start-up company that hopes to be the future of the hybrid electric car.  This article and video describe how an electric engine, containing a super capacity battery and a micro-jet turbine engine, powers this car from the rear as it drives almost silently around a test track.

This Israeli innovation comes on the heels of publicity for Better Place, another Israeli project that has been gaining momentum across the globe, pushing for fully electric cars that recharge by plugging in to a grid network.  Better Place has partnered with Renault and Nissan to develop electric car infrastructure. It also recently signed an agreement with University of Melbourne which includes joint research projects.

The various options are considered in this discussion on energy sources.  

Israeli ingenuity and innovations in alternative energy are starting to have a major impact; we wish Arnold Roth much success with his company and ongoing strength to do his important work with Keren Malki, and his advocacy for all victims of terror.

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