Walt Disneyland on the Charles River

The Kennedy School at Harvard has its own fantasyland Walt – who seems to be readying himself for another anti-Israel tirade.

It’s interesting to read a response to his earlier foray about the “dreaded pro-Israel lobby”.  Walt’s professorship is named after the New Yorker Belfer who was horrified at Walt’s anti-Israel utterances. – The Belfer declaration!

CAMERA reports here on the upcoming conference at the Kennedy School bizarrely discussing the “one-state” dismantling of Israel.  It is appalling how low the anti-Israel types are prepared to stoop… propaganda 101, come and learn it.

Update with good comments on the petition here and here.

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One thought on “Walt Disneyland on the Charles River

  1. Ethan - Brookline MA February 21, 2012 at 7:11 am -

    You’re right about the propaganda, except that they are not studying it, they are being indoctrinated in it. A scary thought that the Kennedy School is going down this hole.
    Hopefully some of those who are not yet indoctrinated will also learn the expression “follow the money!” How much of United Arab Emirates money is going into this? I look forward to seeing some good placards exposing Walt and his mouseketeers.