Vayyera – action packed

Vayyera has so many major events contained within it, together with  important lessons and points for discussion.  Just to mention a brief summary of what happens:

Abraham rushing to be hospitable to the 3 angels, visiting in the guise of humans.  (the importance of being hospitable, action rather than jut words,  he involved both Sarah and Ishmael directly in helping prepare,  Abraham promised little (only some bread and wather) but delivered much (a feast – incidently, this is where he found the entrance to the Garden of Eden in Hebron)

Abraham and Sarah being informed that despite their advanced ages, they would have a child – Sarah laughing (or smiling).  (the broad topic of smiling – smiling can be a very healthy way to improve communication – Rabbi Lapin gave a wonderful Shabat sermon at Dover Heights Shule on the topic of smiling; it is well worth reading about and listening to the Rabbi – see on the internet

Abraham arguing with G-d to try to save Sodom and Gemorrah (and the 3 other towns that don’t get the same profile) – 50, 45, 40 ,.. down to 10 righteous men.

Lot welcoming the 2 angels, and with G-d’s help, protecting them from the Sodom inhabitants, who want to get to “know” them.

Lot’s wife looking back to Sodom, thereby turning into Sodium Chloride.

Lot’s daughters and Lot in the cave trying to “save the people”

Abraham and Sarah in the land of Abimelech – who makes the mistake of finding the 90 year old Sarah, attractive.

Isaac being born,  and Ishmael being “mocking” as he smiled.

Hagar and Ishmael being banished – even though Ishmael is promised to be be followed by a great people, as is Isaac.

Hagar crying out for water – unable to see the water that is very nearby.

Abraham asked by G-d to take his son Isaac for sacrifice… and then at the last moment “And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and too the knife to slay his son.  And the angel of the Lord called unto him out of heaven, and said ‘Abraham, Abraham,’ and he said ‘Here I am’.  And he said ‘Lay not thy hand on the lad, neight do thou anything unto him, for now I know that thouh art a G-d fearing man, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son, from Me.”

Isaac and Ishmael with the common father of Abraham … some say this Parsha  marks the start of the Israeli-Arab conflict.  Hopefully this could also contain the possibilities of reconciliation.

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