UNRWA feeling the heat in Gaza – but it’s not from Israel, so move on, no news here

UNRWA is not sufficiently modest for some groups in Gaza.

According to this Jerusalem Post  report, “masked gunmen from an Islamic militant group torched a UN-run summer camp for children and teens in Gaza on Sunday, Army Radio reported, the top UN aid official in Gaza said.“John Ging says the assailants tied up the guard early Sunday, burned tents and vandalized bathrooms. UN officials say the attackers left behind three bullets and a note threatening to kill Ging and others unless the UN cancels its activities for some 250,000 Gaza children.”UNRWA respresentatives called the perpetrators of the act, “people who hate life and children.”
Since others in Gaza have set up rival summer camps, this may be one effective way to stifle the opposition.
but since Israel is not at fault, this is not news so move on.


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