Understanding Turkey

Caroline Glick has written a good article explaining the motivations behind Turkey’s latest actions here.

As Glick says “Turkey’s aggressive behavior might end if the US made Turkey pay a price for it. To its credit, the Netanyahu government has not accepted the advice of the Left and has refused to apologize to Turkey or pay compensation to the families of those killed aboard the Marmara. Moreover, the government has wisely used Turkey’s behavior as a means of building strong bilateral ties with other victims of Turkish aggression. Over the past two years, Israel has strongly upgraded is strategic ties with Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. Israel should add to these accomplishments by strengthening its ties to Armenia and to the Kurds of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.”

Turkey Turkey

Israel seems to be taking it in stride – as per the Four Season’s Walk like a man – incidently, the Jersey Boys show is well worth seeing.

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