UN rights for women proposal not surprisingly is upsetting Egyptian Islamists .. other U.S. campus activities as well

An interesting article here about the response to a UN proposal regarding women’s rights for equality, is an important one to consider. See the response here

It provides an example of putting things in perspective.

One US response to the “Israel apartheid week” campus activities initiated has been to have an “Islamic apartheid week”  see here  here here (with exposure of some of the people affected) and  here

Predictable, this iniitiative is causing controversy, see here  but helps to put things in perspective.  One comment was not “it’s time” but instead “it’s about time”  It is coordinated by the David Horowitz Freedom Centre whose motto is “We are dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by leftist and Islamist enemies at home and abroad.”

One of the motivations is listed as follows: “We turned the tables on campus supporters of Hamas and other terror groups. For years these groups—the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, etc.—have staged annual hate-athons called “Israel Apartheid Weeks” which claim, among other things, that Israel is an “apartheid state” similar to South Africa thirty years ago. Working with conservative student groups, we staged a series of “Islamic Apartheid” conferences at Temple University and elsewhere this year which showed that it is in the Islamic world where there is real apartheid – for women who are subjected to systematic oppression, including genital mutilation; for homosexuals who are hunted down and murdered; and for Christians who are treated as “infidels” and stripped of citizenship rights.”

An excellent comment from Boston is shown here where Charles Jacobs talks about ways to combat “Israel apartheid week” sloganeering.

Jacobs writes “No, friendship is not the magic bullet. To win, Jewish students will have to do harder things: They have to re-capture the emotional argument that counts most:  Not that we are individually nice people, but that Israel is a decent nation that is being lied about.  Jews are being victimized. That is the central truth of the matter, but exists now as the elephant in the PR room. Winning people to this central truth– that they are lying about us – means that pro-Israel students are going to have to do something the Jewish Establishment tells them not to do: they are going to have to call the campaign of lies what it is. They are going to have to talk to their friends about the people who are doing the defaming. They are going to have to “go negative.” What we face is more than a social popularity contest: it’s a political/ideological war; surely we know by now that it will take more than being charming if we mean to win.  It is time Jewish students stopped crowing that gays can march in Tel Aviv and started calling the propaganda crusade against us what it is: Bull! Lies! A hoax! The most inconvenient truth for our adversaries is that the horrors the Arab/Islamic world has falsely charged against Israel, are things they have actually done themselves — and are still doing…. While the “human rights” world keeps relatively mum. Land theft? The Arab world started out in Arabia and conquered the rest by jihad. Cruelty? Take a look at how women are treated, at how Sunnis treat Shias and vice versa. Is it now 70 or 80,000 dead in Syria? How many black slaves serve Arab masters across Arab north Africa?

Apartheid? Jewish students should say: “glad you brought that up. Because if you are truly interested in institutionalized subjugation in the Middle East, then talk to Simon Deng, an African who was enslaved by Arabs in Sudan; or to Mohammed Yahya, an African Muslim from Darfur, whose people are being massacred by Arabs for resisting Arabization; or to Caroline Doss, a Christian women from Cairo, whose people shiver to think what may soon happen to them because of the wonderful Arab spring.. Apartheid in the M.E. is not about Israel at all. That’s a scam. The real apartheid is in the Arab/Islamic states.

If pro-Israel students can convince their classmates that anti-Israelism is based on lies  — inversions, actually — Israel might just win on campus. Sure, it helps if pro-Israel students are likeable but only if they have the courage to state the truth and the wisdom not to listen to their establishment “leaders” might their efforts be decisive.”

….   The David Horowitz motto gets it correct by mentioning the “attack by leftists” upfront, since they are often the instigators of campus anti-Israel activities. While Jacobs talks about the need to go negative to win, another approach would be to be more positive, and inclusive; as exemplified by titles such as “Save our Open Society” or “Save our Western Values” week.

Either way, it’s better than hoping the anti-Israel agitation will all go away.




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