Two-gun Cohen, another Moishe and the China-Israel connection

There are strong positive links between Israel and China..hopefully they will continue to grow.

A friend who used to work in China, said that when in China he was occasionally introduced at work meetings with the words “and he is Jewish!”.  This was regarded very positively – in part because Jews fleeing Europe to China during WW2 made a significant contribution to Chinese life e.g. medicine, business.

But here is a great story about Two-gun Cohen and another Moishe side-kick.

The story is by Joe King (copy and paste the PDF into your browser .. about the only Jewish Chinese General and former Jewish Head of the Chinese Secret Service

I love the final bit where Cohen was able to help influence the Chinese delegation to abstain during the General Assembly vote on partition.

Two-gun Cohen reminds me a bit of this great scene from Frisco Kid

and others

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