Turning over the rock: Snakes, bias and the London Review of Books

London seems to be going downhill rapidly.  One contributing reason might be found in the anti-Israel bias of the London Review of Books.  The Just Journalism website contains a detailed analysis of the articles pertaining to Israel – Palestine in the past 10 years.  The over 90 articles are overwhelmingly anti-Israel, including those written by Jews.

The website states that “Since 1992, the LRB has been edited by Mary-Kay Wilmers, who explained her editorial stance on Israel thus: ‘I’m unambiguously hostile to Israel because it’s a mendacious state. They do things that are just so immoral and counterproductive and, as a Jew, especially as a Jew, you can’t justify that.’  … with that byline, Israel’s chance of being represented fairly is pretty low.

Melanie Phillips and Daphen Anson add important support to the expose of the London Review of Books.  I like Anson’s heading “Where the Elite meet to bleat damaging lies about Israel: The London Review of Books” .

There is something both sad and pathetic about those British intellectuals, represented by the London Review of Books, sinking into a morass of bigotry and deception.

The expose by Just Journalism seems like turning over a rock, and uncovering something rather NASTY. Some relevant advice from a website on rattlesnakes  

“If you have to turn over a rock or log, turn it toward you, keeping your hands on your side of the log, not reaching over it. If it’s in your path, walk around it; don’t step over it (a snake might be lying on the other side).”    and

“Don’t ever put your hands or feet anywhere you aren’t looking. Don’t put your hands on rocks or branches over your head, and don’t put your hands or feet under anything. Snakes usually pick up the vibrations of feet and walking sticks and get out of the way, but sometimes do not.”

and  “Don’t try to catch snakes. This may sound obvious, but most snakebites happen this way. Wild snakes do not make good pets and should never be killed. The only good reason to try to catch a wild snake is to move it out of harm’s way to a safer place, and this should only be done by someone with knowledge and training. Don’t tease snakes by throwing rocks or cornering them.”

and finally “Common sense is the best defense. Cultivate an attitude of alertness. The more you know about snakes and how they live, the more aware you will be of where you would expect to encounter them.”

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One thought on “Turning over the rock: Snakes, bias and the London Review of Books

  1. Thanks for the links to the critique of the London Review of Books. Many years ago I remember reading about 1930s Germany, and it seemed so strange to me that the universities were one of the hotbeds of Nazism. Now the universities and their intellectual magazines are one of the hotbeds of anti-Zionism.