Turkey’s PM Erdogan may have bitten off more than he could chew

Harold Rhode in Hudson New York, has written about Turkey in the aftermath of the Flotilla, suggesting that much of the Turkish public increasingly believes that their Prime Minister blundered by unnecessarily provoking a crisis with Israel. 

As he states, ” It now appears that the average Turk — for lack of a better term – approximately 70% of the population who is not part of the political establishment, the academic establishment, or the media — now understands that this crisis has hurt Turkey internationally and politically and that there was no reason for Turkey to provoke Israel”

Rhode continues “One elderly Turk summarized this attitude as follows: Why is there all this commotion about Gaza? There is very little difference between us and the Jews. We go to our mosques and they go to their mosques (i.e., Jewish synagogues). We eat Halal meat and they Jews eat their Halal meat (kosher meat). So, I do not understand why we are trying to protect these Palestinians. Why aren’t the Arabs helping their follow Arabs as we Turks are helping each other?”

PM Erdogan may have bitten more than he could chew.

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