Tricky Fairfax Headline Writers

It would be laughable if the headline wasn’t part of the anti-Israel propaganda we’ve come to expect .. “Gaza ships hit by Israeli attack” – wow! ships attacked by Israel already?  Then we go on to read that activists claim “Israeli saboteurs have carried out underwater “terrorist” attacks on two ships preparing to challenge the blockade around gaza”.  “The damage .. could have caused those on board to drown. Quite simply it was (an) act of terrorism”.

So where’s the evidence?  Do the Fairfax editors care at all that the allegations of Israeli attack are from activists that are hardly unbiased.  Maybe they’re all Walkley Award wannabees.

Having said that, the floaters seem to be having trouble getting shipshape, with the Hellenic Coast Guard finding irregularities in their paper work here. Shame! As the article says “The captain is being held by the police and will be brought before a judge on Tuesday.  The Greek Coast Guard claims he will be accused of attempting to leave the port without proper permits and endangering the lives of the boat’s passengers.  The Turkish daily “Hurryat” reported that inspection of  the technical problem on the Irish boat that was supposed to embark from Turkey to Gaza showed that the source of the problem was not intentional sabotage. The organizers of the flotilla had accused Israel of causing the technical failure. Israel’s Foreign Ministry reacted with sarcasm to the accusation. “Israel is not a James Bond movie,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor.  “To accuse Israel without any evidence, investigation or inspection by law enforcement agencies is ridiculous and unworthy. If the organizers suspected intentional sabotage, why didn’t they turn to the police? What do they have to hide?”

We can drink an Ouzo and dance to that.

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