Tom Friedman and arrogant, superficial thought

We recently mentioned a plea by New York Times writer Thomas Friedman for Israel to extend the freeze on settlements.  Friedman uses an arrogant, condescending tone, reminiscent of that phrase “he’s often wrong, but never in doubt”.

So it’s worthwhile to return to his article – and to see it’s superficiality and errors exposed by Prof Richard Landes in Augean Stables.   Landes’ analysis is useful when considering the Middle East discourse, and the negative implications of the Obama approach.  Landes contrasts the Politically Correct paradigm (PCP) of the West with the Jihad-Honour-Shame Paradigm (JHSP).

Landes also has some relevant things to say about Honour-Shame in his discussion of Self-degrading Jews and Integrity versus Honour in group solidarity.

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