Time Magazine – yeah you rite? I don’t think so.

The heading “Why Israel doesn’t care about peace” was shouting at me from 20 copies of the latest edition of Time Magazine, as I passed a newspaper stand.  

An article like this (excerpted here on-line) superficially certainly seems a paradox, since direct peace talks have just recommenced at the strong behest of Netanyahu, and against the foot-dragging of Abbas.   Perhaps the title of the magazine was chosen 3 months ago, and Time is such a dinosaur that it can’t change so quickly?   

Another point that shouts out is that the Israeli Magen David on the Time cover is in daisies;  aha, so even if Israel appears to be wanting peace, it is just an evil Jewish trick that Time Magazine is clever enough to expose to the world.   

As this excellent article here by Daniel Gordis in Commentary Magazine indicates,  Time implies that the reason Israelis are not so concerned about peace is that they are more concerned about real estate and making money.

The Time article squarely points the finger at Israel as being responsible in advance for any failure in the current peace process.  Now isn’t that convenient for any Israel-basher.  

So just what is Time Magazine about? It’s difficult to know.  I flipped through the magazine to see a couple of letters complaining about a previous article which suggested that any American who had a problem with a Ground Zero Mosque/Centre is Islamophobic… OK so that’s 2/3 of Americans who have it wrong!  Also, here is the Wikipedia take on Time and their parent company Time Warner. .. worlds second largest entertainment conglomerate headquartered in New York City.  Fortunately, others in the internet (could you imagine standard media criticising one of their own?)  have picked up on this here, here, and here. I also like this expose by Omri Ceren entitled The decline and fall of Time Magazine: The editorial war on Israel .  

If Time Magazine wants to “tell you what’s your view” it’s certainly making a statement with their cover.  Maybe others of us can also make a statement .. and it won’t be “yeah you rite” a Meters track covered excellently here.  Hopefully,  Time will in the future be gracing less waiting rooms;  you never know, it might lessen the pain. 

As a postscript, it is good to see that the story is not going away, with Zionist Organisation of America’s Morton Klein challenging a Time Magazine operative to a debate.

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4 thoughts on “Time Magazine – yeah you rite? I don’t think so.

  1. I liked one of the comments, which I’ve copied here – suggesting that one point of the article that probably inadvertantly comes through is the Israeli love of life, even under the threat of death.

    “Is Vick aware that, consciously or not, intentionally or not, he is counting on the world’s long-held resentment about Jewish creativity, genius, and scientific and economic success—counting on the world’s willingness to scapegoat Israel once again for crimes that it has not committed? Or because Jews seem to “know something,” maybe they are channeling God directly and thus, the deck is stacked against non-Jews. Vick presents Israel’s “success” as somehow unseemly, because it makes other nations look bad. Does he harbor the suspicion that Jewish prosperity has been “stolen” from non-Jews or is he merely advertising that Jewish gold is there, ripe for the taking?
    Buried—but really buried– in Vick’s four page cover piece are snippets of true facts: That the Israelis are weary of peace negotiations which never succeed because the Palestinians do not want peace; that Arabs and Palestinians want to destroy the Jewish state and as many Jews as possible.
    But Vick fails to convey that negotiations cannot work as long as the ultra-Nazified Arab Islamic propaganda against Jews and Israel continues to turn out children who hate Jews and who become human homicide bombs, snipers, kidnappers, kassam rocket throwers, etc.
    Here is what Vick utterly fails to comprehend, namely, that the Israelis are not merely tired, disenchanted, living in la-la land a la southern Californians (hence, the Jewish star made of daisies on the cover). The Israelis are actually showing the entire world how to embrace life, even as they live, trembling, in the shadow of death. They are teaching the world how to “love life more than they fear death.” A new and wonderful book A New Shoah. The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism by Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, which is not yet out, makes precisely this point.”

  2. A better headline for a better article would be: Why the Arabs can’t tolerate the existence of Israel

    At the urging of my children, in advance of the release of the movie of the 7th Harry Potter book, I’ve just re-read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. JK Rowling writes an excellent satire on an appeasing “Ministry of Magic” and an appeasing media, who blame Harry for the faults of the ‘Death Eaters’, the followers of the evil Voldemort. Who owns Time Magazine, did you say?

  3. I went into a Melbourne newsagency today and saw that the edition of Time Magazine on sale had a picture of Tony Blaire on the front, not the other cover with the flowers in the shape of the Magen David. Even though the same article was there, it was luckily not so prominent as the other edition.

  4. Thanks for your comments Ruth. I had seen the Time Magazine at a newsstand in the U.S. where I had been for a visit. I am pleased to hear that the Magen David cover was not used in Melbourne, and presumably not elsewhere in Australia. Besides the U.S., I wonder where else the cover was used. Regarding TIME ownership, I don’t have specific information beyond the Wikipedia reference which I listed.