Thomas Friedman’s views on the peace process and something more worrying

Thomas Friedman is an impressive writer and speaker;  I remember hearing him live a few years ago, and his book “From Beirut to Jerusalem” was a significant contribution.

His recent interview on Israeli TV here is worth looking at. . here is the Latma take on it.  Although fluent,  Friedman makes the clear point that he is speaking as an American – he may well feel deeply about Israel, but his loyalty is obviously, and appropriately for him, to the U.S.A.  Israelis, on the other hand, have to do what is right for Israel – and in a very dangerous neighbourhood.  It is important for Netanyahu to realise that Obama is far weaker since the recent congressional elections – and that Israel  should not kowtow to this leader who is probably even more adamant about wanting a foreign policy “victory” .

Extremely worrying is what Caroline Glick states is happening in secrecy:  Obama is supposedly pressuring Netanyahu to cede land here.

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