The Zimmerman Blues

Andrew Klavan in Pajamas Media has a devastating expose here  of how the media have conducted a beat-up campaign against George Zimmerman who was just cleared on self-defence for killing Trayvon Martin… and also the equally damning article by John Nolte

I like this line from Klavan “what we have in our news media is a cabal of over-educated but under-smart elites under the hilarious impression that one power-hungry party is out for the good of mankind and the other staunchly opposed. It’s such a stupid thing to think — such a blitheringly naive proposition — that reacting to them with outrage seems almost unkind, like slapping a child for believing in Santa Claus.”

The media campaign which tried to make the issue a white-black clash, aided by Al Sharpton, went to the extent of creating the term white hispanic when just hispanic would not do, omitting crucial words in testamony, neglecting info that doesn’t fit the narrative… and the not-guilty verdict has only inflamed the situation.

These tactics are similar to the prejudiced, malicious attacks that Israel faces on a daily basis, and show just what can happen…. and one can only look on in amazement at the way the recently announced spiteful EU ban has sabotaged John Kerry’s peace efforts and made direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis even more unlikely.

“Oh Lord I got the Zimmerman Blues” … a great song by Ralph McTell (and a great album)

As McTell explained  “I used [Dylan’s] real name to try to strip away the identity he had assumed so as to reveal his true self not what he had become and I hoped that it would be a reminder to me as well that the changes you go through are not always the best ones.”




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