The whole world’s watching: Iran post-election

People outside Iran can admire the courage of the citizens protesting what appears to be significant election fraud in Iran – one placard said “selection not election”.  “Tehran’s Azadi Square, a traditional scene of military and political gatherings, on Monday was filled with opposition supporters decrying the results of last week’s election. Such spreading unrest is the kind most feared by Iran’s ruling clerics. More protests in Iran are planned on Tuesday.”

Mehdi Kalaji from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy terms the election  Khamenei’s coup and states that This military coup is a turning point in Iran’s domestic and foreign policies that the West cannot ignore. The U.S. reaction in particular is meaningful not only for Iran’s democratic movement but for all democrats in Islamic countries who suffer under autocratic governments. In coordination with European and other nations, the United States should respond to the message being sent by Iran’s supreme leader by condemning the election and backing the Iranian people’s demand for a free and fair revote under the supervision of international observers.”

Khalaji goes on to say that It will be easier to bring an end to Iran’s controversial nuclear program and defiant foreign policy working with a democratic Iran rather than the military government that is in power. Iranian society will not forget this historic moment and is watching to see how the free world reacts.”   ……   Indeed, eyes are increasingly turned to President Obama and the Europeans to see their reaction.

“The Whole World’s Watching” was a chant during a march at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention – used by Chicago (known as Chicago Transit Authority on their original album)  in 2 tracks – “Prologue” leading into “Someday”. This was Chicago’s effort to support the protestors.  Although here you can hear only snippets of the tracks, they convey the force of the demonstrations then and no doubt present and powerful in Iran today.  Here are reminder tunes 1 , 23, from this great band.

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