The two-faced Palestinian negotiators

Khaled Abu Toameh in Hudson New York provides a reminder of the two-faced nature of the Palestinian negotiators in his excellent article Israel’s partners for peace: what they say in English vs what they say in Arabic . 

Toameh writes,

“In Arabic, Mahmoud Abbas and his top officials are telling Palestinians that they would never make “even one concession” to Israel during the peace talks. In Arabic, they are saying that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state; will never relinquish the right of return of millions of refugees to Israel, and will never make any compromises on Jerusalem.  In Arabic, they are also telling the Palestinians that Israel is not serious about peace, and that there is no real partner for peace in Israel.

In English, however, the same officials are telling the Israelis that they are ready to display flexibility and make “sacrifices” for the sake of peace.:

Toameh is a shining light, and it was indeed a privilege to hear him speak a while back in Australia – as noted here and after an outburst from local Ali Kazak.

Of course, the reason that the Palestinians use this two-faced approach now, as in the past, is BECAUSE IT WORKS.  They are never held to account for it, by their Western enablers and appeasers, including many in Israel… even though it acts to sabotage the chances of peace.

For advice on how you too can adopt a two-faced approach see here

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