The start up nation develops international campus links

A very positive development is the increasing links between US and Israeli universities – as shown here.

“Stephen Kuperberg is executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, an organization dedicated to weaving and catalyzing the campus Israel network to create a positive campus environment regarding Israel, and publisher of the Israel Campus Beat.”

He calls the links a game-changer which will promote a positive interaction with Israel.

There is no doubt that Israel exudes a confidence and sense of entrepeneurship.  It was certainly seen among the group who I joined who were touring the Weizmann house in the Weizmann Institute – “the Israelis identify a problem and work to solve it” was one persons assessment of the start-up nation.

I like the remarks that “When a group of academics protested the decision to reinstate in Israel, purely on political grounds, in the fall, the administration had no difficulty in rebuffing their objections: now this was Cal State’s own program, was the substance of the response; and Cal State is about opening doors, not closing them.” Its a good response to the haters – we are about opening doors, not closing them.

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