The Shepherd Hotel

For those interested in understanding more about the why’s and wherefore’s of the Shepherd Hotel, Yaacov Lozowick has provided an excellent summary complete with pictures and maps here

Daniel Greenfield in Sultan Knish puts the controversy into clear perspective. As he states: In Niger, two Frenchmen were murdered by their Islamic kidnappers. Saudi Arabia sentenced 23 year old girl who was gang raped to a year in prison and 100 lashes. Iran arrested two dozen Christians for the crime of being well… Christians. Which of these awful things did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the EU’s Red Baroness Ashton forcefully condemn?

The answer is none of them.


Instead they forcefully and vigorously condemned the demolition of a hotel built by a Muslim Nazi collaborator and now owned by an American-Jewish businessman who bought it in order to build an apartment complex on the spot. An apartment complex for a mere 20 families that is somehow worse than all the aforementioned murders and atrocities. So much worse that they demanded the personal intervention of the highest diplomatic officials of the United States and the European Union.”

Greenfield continues “Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Mufti of Jerusalem, might have been displeased to look up from the netherworld and behold the demolition of his hotel, but to see the representatives of the United States and the EU taking up his work and treating the demolition of his hotel as the gravest issue of the day would surely have cheered him up.”

For those of you who have recently driven up to Mount Scopus and the Hebrew University,  it seems pretty clear that the area where the Shepherd Hotel is located cannot be feasibly hived off as a separate Palestinian portion… it would be a recipe for conflict. The roads are continuous, the light rail is continuous; basically it is one city.   For those who haven’t been recently, Yaacov Lozowick’s photos in his blog (see above) are very helpful to understand it.

Just contrast the posturing, heaving, and wild rhetoric that greets every Israeli step, with the factual descriptions and information provided on ABC news radio to assist the flood victims in Queensland. Like Knight and day – to quote from the latest escapist movie from a former favourite “Australian” son.

Added comments on the Shepherd Hotel here.

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