The Salafi spring forward

Guy Bechor has written a perspective changing article here  where he essentially says that Fatah and Abbas are yesterdays fish and chips wrapper.

He writes “The “security arrangements” the Americans are talking about may have been relevant for the 1980s. the Salafi Spring changed everything. The Salafi gangs, al-Qaeda terrorists, have turned into one of the main threats. Using shoulder-fired missiles, they can bring Ben-Gurion Airport to a standstill, and in fact – the entire State of Israel. No force of “peace” or “security” will stop these terrorists, who are undaunted by regular deterrence; especially not the “security” systems of the Palestinian Authority, which no one in Israel trusts.

Would the Americans be willing to hand a large part of their capital Washington, DC to al-Qaeda terrorists and place the White House under the threat of missiles? Then why are they suggesting that Israel do that? would any country in the world be prepared to do that, what with the Salafi storm raging all over?

The Arab Spring turned out to be a Salafi Spring. The Fatah movement has already turned into a museum exhibit in Judea and Samaria, a remnant belonging to the past, and so has Hamas to a great extent. They are both hated by the local public.

A new force is growing in the territories: The Salafi movement, part of which is called the Party of Liberation (“Hizb ut-Tahrir”) and whose center of activity is in Hebron. Two huge demonstrations of force held by the movement in central cities in Judea and Samaria were attended by tens of thousands, carrying the black al-Qaeda flags. They hate “the Authority” more than they hate Israel, and they hate Hamas too. They reject a Palestinian state and refuse to recognize any borders or negotiations. Their proclaimed aspiration is to establish Islamic caliphates all across the Middle East, and their point of solidarity is the Salafis in Syria, Lebanon and the rest of the Arab countries.”

… This argument, if substantial, means that Israel has to focus on containing this far more dangerous Salafi group, implying that the PLO had their window of opportunity to make a deal which they blew… and to resist the US pressure to compromise their security.

At least Israel can have no illusions that Obama’s USA can be relied on – having witnessed the Iran debacle,  and also seeing the unravelling of  ObamaCare, and the exposure of Obama’s deceit regarding people keeping their healthcare and their doctor.


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