The right sort of Israel article

The author Elyakim Haetzni of this Op Ed has a clear approach to Israel’s political issues here

Haetzni states ” Ramallah’s propaganda mouthpieces won’t stop calling us “Nazis.” Why hasn’t a single government spokesman or Israeli media outlet confronted them with the truth – that their leader, the founder of their national movement who they admire to this very day, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was a real Nazi – an associate of Hitler and Himmler, the founder of the SS divisions, the man in charge of Nazi Germany’s broadcasts to the Arab world throughout the entire war and an active collaborator in the annihilation of Jews? And who will remind them that the Arabs longed for Hitler to win? That to this very day they are the biggest consumers of “Mein Kampf” and that their cartoons could give a good fight to “Der Stürmer”? Where did the damned guilt complex come from, preventing us from telling the truth even to ourselves?”

and concludes “Each of (these accusations) is a lie and libel, and yet we have not heard even a polite tweet of denial.  When will we realize that the world will not respect us as long as we do not respect ourselves, and that the material independence, which we are about to celebrate, has no use without mental independence?


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