The Reuven Rubin Museum – a Tel Aviv highlight

On Bialik Street,  the Rubin Museum is a definite highlight.

The 3 story house/art museum provides a wonderful insight into Rubin and the early history of Israel.

As the museum booklet states, the artists early paitings in Eretz-Israel in the 1920’s “communicate a sense of the primacy of Jewish renaissance in Eretz-Israel – a spirit of love of land that drew inspiration from both pioneer romanticism and Jewish mysticism.  They are executed in a naive style, with a story-line deliniated in light colours on flat and uniform surfaces of colour defined by clear contours.”  

The different phases of Rubin’s work (1893-1974) are beautifully portrayed in the museum.  Although the colours on the websites don’t do the paintings justice,  an excellent video about Rubin and his work is here and several websites worth looking at – in particular the website from the Rubin museum itself here and here.  Other sites of interest include here and here.  .. and an informative blog article here.  When visiting the museum, I particularly liked the tape-recorded commentary for specific paintings narrated by Carmela Rubin, the museum curator,  as well as the discussion on the painting “First Seder in Jerusalem” see here.

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