The Presidents Conference currently happening in Jerusalem

There is no doubt that Shimon Peres has incredible energy for an 88 year old.  Fresh from his award from Pres Obama in the U.S., he is hosting the annual Presidents Conference in Israel – with a very impressive list of speakers.

A few interviews from the conference are shown here:  with some speakers talking about US-Israel relations, in particular related to Iran.  On that topic, here is

Ambassador Stuart Eisenstadt ,

Dr Richard Haas

and David Makovsky

Wayne Firestone President of Hillel in the U.S. on campus life

Chemi Peres on innovation in Israel – Chemi is the son of Shimon Peres – with the interesting and optimistic suggestion of Israel helping build a “start up region” .. also Maurice Levy on innovation in the new media

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2 thoughts on “The Presidents Conference currently happening in Jerusalem

  1. Thanks for these links. I was inspired by the interview with Wayne Firestone about Jewish pro-Israel activism on American campuses. He was certainly optimistic and positive.

  2. I followed the link and found an excellent interview with journalist David Horowitz, former editor of Jerusalem Post now editor of Times of Israel.