The post General Assembly Palestine State Resolution Blues

Barry Rubin has written an excellent summary of the political fallout of the recent resolution designating Palestine as a state in waiting… explaining the significant negative effect… and indeed signifying a major transformation.

See here

While I agree with Rubin’s sentiments in the article, the move reflects the reality of the absurdity of what Israel is up against.  However, since a General Assembly move like this has been a threat for so long, together with the potential for further anti-Israel political action, Israel is hopefully prepared for it…. a bit like the doctor telling the patient that he doesn’t need to worry about getting the disease, because he’s now got it.

Somewhat tangentially –  driving home tonight, hearing about how this century is going to be the Asian Century, it is encouraging that countries like China, India, Japan and Thailand, don’t have the anti-Israel baggage carried around by the Eurocogniscenti. The rise of Asia plus the gradual replacement of oil by other fuel sources, will be a positive for Israel.

.. and let’s end on a great blues number by Taj Mahal She Caught the Katy

from the Natch’l Blues Album.

Every wondered what it means to “catch the Katy”?  Well, here’s an explanation thanks to Wikipedia

“She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule To Ride)” is a blues standard written by Taj Mahal and James Rachell. The song was first recorded for Taj Mahal’s 1968 album The Natch’l Blues and is one of Mahal’s most famous tunes. It has since been covered many times, and is included on the soundtrack for the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers (the song greets Jake Blues as he leaves prison, in the beginning of the movie). According to John Belushi’s widow, it was Belushi’s favorite blues song.

The “Katy” refers to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad … see the link here about the railroad. 

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