The PHUIs move on from the Flotilla to the Flytilla

The Gaza flotilla seems to have become the floptilla, which is just too bad for our Australian representatives, one or two of whom were last heard to be on a hunger strike.  But yesterday’s news is fish and chips wrapping.

Now it seems that the next northern hemisphere summer anti-Israel stunt is the flytilla.  The anti-Israel PHUIs (provocateurs, haters and useful idiots) plan to cause trouble and adverse publicity from the Ben Gurion Airport.  But Israel did well with the flotilla, and seems prepared for the next episode.  

It is remarkable to see how the PHUIs obsess about Israel, while ignoring all the killing and mayhem in Syrian, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Afganistan etc.  


Provocateur – a person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, an agitator

hater – to feel hostility, intense animosity and hatred

useful idiot – naïvely allied to a political movement, terrorist group or hostile government, while manipulated, cynically used and held in contempt by them.  Used to describe western sympathisers of the Soviet Union.

More about the flytilla here, here and here;  and some background on one of the PHUI organisers; the ISM

As Donald Duck would say, “Aw Phooey!”

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