The “Palestine papers”

An interesting discussion on Harry’s Place here beginning where “A senior Palestinian official today said he has asked the US, Britain and France to help bring three of their nationals for questioning about the huge leak of confidential documents relating to peace talks in the Middle East.   Chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the three include a former British intelligence officer, a US employee of al-Jazeera TV and a French citizen.”

It makes for fascinating speculation regarding whether it is an attempt by Hamas supporters to undermine the PA… and how much is real vs bogus.

In addition the role of Al Jazeera in promoting the story as well as the foment in Tunisia and elsewhere in the Arab world in an important one.

The Guardian’s role and motivations have also been appropriately criticised, including in this article which traces the decline of the paper.  I liked the closing quip related to the Guardian “if you don’t like our principles, we have others”.

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