The oldest man

There is a delightful story in Arutz Sheva about David Pur, age 115,  who continues to learn Torah and to pray every day – born in Persia in 1895 and made Aliya with his family in 1948. 

The article, here, describes his life, and provides some of his tips for longevity.  Although the dietary advice is mixed – he smoked cigarettes for 110 years (but didn’t inhale), had a brandy and nuts with his breakfast and favoured fruit and vegetables – his unfailing optimism seems to have been a big factor.  Pur’s 70-year-old son Salim, who often accompanies him, is quoted as commenting that his father solves everything with a smile, and says wistfully, “I wish I could be like him.” The old man is known for his smiles and for laughing and joking with the various members of his large family, who visit him daily.   “The main thing is not to lose your optimism,” he said.

Mr Pur also continues to learn Torah and pray every day 

There is the story of a U.S. physician who visited some elderly people in Siberia and wished for them “to live to 120”.  Once it was translated, the elderly were quite insulted by the Mosaic reference, thinking that the physician was trying to limit their lifespan.  In that vein, one of the letter commentators to the article is wishing Mr Pur “on to 240”.

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