The New Yorker sounds off

I opened my March 29 copy of the New Yorker magazine, to see a depressingly negative article about Israel from David Remnick.   Abusive anti-Israel terms are thrown around in a cavaliar manner, and “denial of fact by omission” is a standard stock in trade.  Thus, according to Remnick, “The Netanyahu government suffers from a troubling degree of instability, thanks to its far-right coalition partners (including its bigoted foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman) and its ineptitude. 

Remnick also reels off a list of what he regards as Israeli blunders – “the humiliation of a resident diplomat from Turkey (Israel’s closest friend in the Muslim world”  and of the Brazilian President”.  Really!  Is Remnick so one-eyed that he was unaware of the offensive behaviour of either Turkey or the Brazilian President who  on his recent visit to Israel, refused to visit Herzl’s grave but found time to visit that of Arafat. 

Then Remnick unbelievably states “The essential question for Israel is not whether it has the friendship of the White House – it does – but whether Netanyahu remains the arrogant rejectionist … etc”  

We must be so grateful to read that Remnick is convinced of the friendship of the White House to Israel.  Remnick has written a book about Obama at close quarters, so I suppose we could expect some adulation.  But it is disappointing that Remnick, as the Editor-in-Chief of the New Yorker, has such shallow views of the Middle East conflict, and the US/Israel exchange. 

Ron Kadosh in Pajamas Review provides a good critique of the article.

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