A Liberal Case for Israel

Bret Stephens, a columnist for the Wall St Journal,  makes a powerful Liberal Case for Israel, which he has used successfully on Student Campuses in a video.

It is a worthwhile approach.

It is important to recognise though, as explained here, that this argument should not be expected to sway those for whom a leftist agenda, with its anti-Israel litmus test, come up trumps.

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One thought on “A Liberal Case for Israel

  1. Bret Stephens does not do enough to demolish the “Israel is an apartheid state” libel. Instead of mentioning the Sefardim and Ashkenazim he should mention the Arab representation in the Knesset, and Arab right to vote, Arabs at Israeli universities, equality of Arabs in Israeli hospitals both as doctors and patients, etc. This is completely opposite to what happened under Apartheid in South Africa.

    He needs to mention the true nature of Hamas. Hamas is not, as it is often portrayed, an organisation for the downtrodden poor of Gaza. It is a violent group, which does not hesitate to use terror on fellow Arabs (and murdered many Fatah members). Its main purpose is to attack Israel in order to destroy it. This explains, for a Liberal person, why Israel does not want a flotilla to help the Gazans under Hamas rule.

    If liberals are into peace and growing flowers, then they should know that flower hot-houses were uprooted so that the Gazans could turn Gaza into one big army base from which to bombard Israeli civilians. etc.