The latest US Airline inspection policy has people looking for El Al

If the security systems used by El Al staff are first class, the latest US body scanning and pat downs are cattle class. 

Dr Sanity, a forthright US psychiatrist in a column from 17th Nov asks about the US  “How far will the politically correct, progressive leftists running the country go in order to continue to deny the Islamic threat to this country? Apparently they are willing to reach deep down into your crotch, just so that they can maintain their deep denial.”

“El Al has one of the best security records in the world and doesn’t resort to wide-scale use of methods that would under other circumstances constitute sexual assault. The Israelis have achieved this track record of safety by employing sophisticated intelligence analysis which allows them to predict which travelers constitute a possible threat and which do not. Resources are then focused on the more probable threats with minimal intrusion on those who are likely not to be terrorists.”
She continues “TSA (Transportation Security Administration) believes an 80-year-old grandmother deserves the same level of scrutiny at an airport terminal checkpoint as a 19-year-old male exchange student from Yemen.”

and adds “The Democratics have adopted the Alfred E. Neuman “What, Me Worry?” approach to national security; and their denial about the threat of Islamic terrorism continues to evolve into complex rationalizations and nuanced idiocies that refuse to confront the true nature of the threat.”

and “On an instinctive and fundamental level, Obama and the minions of the progressive left understand that to confront the Islamic nature of the terror threat would cause an entire house of PC cards to come crashing down. And the last thing they want to do is to go there, because “going there” would force them to acknowledge some painful realities that they are not capable of dealing with.”

Miranda Devine, in 18th November’s Daily Telegraph also contrasts Israel and US approach to airplane security.

Meanwhile QANTAS has other fundamental safety issues to worry about.

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