The Land of Promise

I was looking through an excellent book – “Pillar of Fire .. the rebirth of Israel – a visual history”  by Yigal Lossin. Among the beautiful old pictures, I read this ..

“Narration from the film .. The Land of Promise” 1935. The Hebrew university with its glorial open air theatre on Mount Scopus, is the centre of the spiritual and cultural rebirth of Palestine.  The Creation, the most famous oratario of the great composer Josef Haydn is being given here iwth Hebrew text by an orchestra and choir of Jewish working men and working women.  Surely this composer never dreamed that his oratario would be performed on this historical hill by the children of the prophets who had inspired him”

Sounds impressive .. and it’s thrilling to be able to search on the internet and see that , thanks to the Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, this 1935 film “The land of promise” .. is available to be watched in its entirety, together with links to some other magnificent pre-Israel independence footage.

The film is here.  Some great footage of singing on kibbutz at 26.00 minutes.

At some stage we’ll discuss “The Promise” .. but not now.

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