The Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands get recognition

A UN conference has finally recognised the plight of the Jewish refugees from Arab Lands.

This is an important counterbalance to the Palestinian refugee saga – see here

Not surprisingly, Arab political forces have tried to block it because it undercuts the Palestinian refugee claims, but to the UN’s credit, the conference went forward.

It has been pushed by Danny Ayalon, himself the son of refugees from Algeria. See the excellent video there.

It is also causing consternation among the Palestinian and leftist brigades, which sounds like a good thing, see here and here

It’s intriguing to see what happens when perennial “favourites” like Chanan Ashrawi  are forced on the back foot, and to deny that the Jews of Arab Lands were illtreated… they are clearly on very shaky ground and they know it.  Does it undercut their calls for Palestinian refugee primacy?  You bet it does, and they know it.

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