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Hiking the Israel National Trail (Shvil Israel)  is an increasingly popular activity for both Israelis and visitors – enabling them to see and learn more about the country, while also improving their fitness.  The trail is also developing a reputation as one of the world’s great long-distance treks. Our Israeli cousin was hiking it in weekend stages, with different family and friends joining him for each stage.                    

As stated in the website,  the trail is a footpath that winds its way from the Red Sea in the south to the Syrian/Lebanese border in the north.  The trail crosses the Negev Desert, past three seas, alongside ancient ruins and through modern cities.  The trail website has detailed information about what to see and do enroute.  Wikipedia also has a good summary of the different stages. 



There are plenty of stories and adventures so you can vicariously experience the trail – like this story from Maoz as he began the trail.  Shay Rabineau has a webblog which contains  journals from his 2006 hike, and is said to be the semi-official blog of the Israel National Trail Data Project.

David Sussman has an entertaining and worthwhile website and journal where he described his journey while raising money for the “All the Kids Foundation”.

Interestingly part of the trail is also used for a Jesus trail where pilgrims can walk in the footsteps of Jesus near the Kinneret.

Hiking the trail also contributed to Maoz Inon establishing the Fawzi Azar Inn in the old city of Nazareth – a 200 year old Arab mansion .   Maoz, an Israeli Jew originally from Tel Aviv, has been successful in his endeavour as well as building positive links between Jewish, Christian and Muslim Israeli citizens.  His Inn has contributed to tourist development of Nazareth to the benefit of the city.  

The promotional video of the Inn and the city is very attractive.

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