The Israel connection

Michael Oren writes a good article here about the strong bonds between Israel and the U.S. and their underlying basis. The alliance is even more important for both parties at this time of turmoil.

This year in Oz, the Easter, Pesach, Anzac Day congruence resulted in some extra time off work.  Among other things .. one favourite CD was a recent purchase of the New York Boys Choir.. a Yitzy Bald Production. Here is a link with excerpts – highlights, with very catchy tunes, are Ma’aminim, Elah and Al Hasulam.  The words of Al Hasulam are quite moving, and are based by Yitzy Bald on a thought from Rav Kalonymous Kalman Shapira “A person must build ladders for himself upon which to ascend to heaven. Song is one of those ladders”.

For the Australia-Israel connection, here are a couple of previous blog looks at Anzac Day; linked here to John Simpson and his donkey (a memorable part of primary school education) .. as well as the positive role played by the Zion Mule Corps at Gallipolli;  and here to the Charge at Beersheva.

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